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Residential Customers
ComNet Phone
ComNet Phone
ComNet IP Phone serves as fixed-line phone number to save IDD cost. No matter you are out town or at home, roaming cost will be greatly reduced! ComNet IP Phone can be installed in several platforms:
Smart Phone
Free calls to Hong Kong with good wifi network to keep you connected day and night
Private PC
Always get connected when you are online
Desktop IP Telephone
No PC is required when it is connected to IP Telephone. Simply connect the telephone to the internet, phone calls can be make easily
IP Telephone
No PC is required. With connected to the internet, calls can be make. Service is available on existing telephone hard-ware and portable phone.
During promotion period, 7 days FREE Trial will be granted for online applications. FREE trial will be applicable at smart phones and PCs.
For newly registered customers from 0:00 am to 6:00 am every day, the service will be officially activated at 7:00 am, sorry for any inconvenience caused.
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