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Corporate Customer privilege plan C89 (Pay as you go)


劃一價 Flat Rate (港幣每分鐘HK$/min)

  From HK Mobile

  From HK Landline


China, USA(Include Hawaii), Canada


Singapore, South Korea

澳門 Macau$1.20

台灣 Taiwan


(固網 Landline)


(固網 Landline)


(手提 Mobile)


(手提 Mobile)

英國 U.K.

(固網 Landline)


France, Italy, Australia

(固網 Landline)



Thailand, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Malaysia



Terms & Conditions:

1. The above rates are valid until 31st Dec, 2024. From 1st Jan, 2025 charge per minute for calls made to the following destinations will be: call from HK mobile to China ($0.18), call from HK landline to China ($0.30); call to mobile and landline number of Canada, Singapore, USA ($0.40); call to landline number of U.K. ($5.50); call to fixed line number of France, Italy ($0.55). 0050 standard rates apply for calls to other destinations.

2.  The above USA rate is not applicable for calls made to following location code: (+1907) and made call to Canada North West Territory beginning with (+1250232125023312502341250235125023712502391250471125050012507711250772125077312507741250775125077612507791867). The above UK rate is not applicable to calls made to UK number beginning with (+443、447、4450、4455、4456、44843、44844、44845、44870、44871、44872、44873). The above France rate is not applicable for calls made to following location code: +336337338. The above Australia rate is not applicable for calls made to following location code: +61146116614. The above Italy rate is not applicable to calls made to Italy number beginning with +393、397、39439003、394390001、395500639、395500711、3955110、 39552467、395524680、395599926、395599928.

3.  The above rates are in H.K. dollars. All charges are calculated in 1-minute interval and rounded up to the nearest 1-minute.

4.  The above offer is applicable only to new customers or selected customers of 0050 and cannot be used in conjunction with other 0050 promotional offers. 

5.  This offer is valid upon signing of this contract. For General Terms and Conditions, please refer to application form. ComNet Telecom (HK) Limited reserves the right to change the above offer and terms & conditions without prior notice.  

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